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Troubles with Arch’s /lib & glibc

I got the problem with updating glibc on arch linux for some time. The conventional tutorials and howto’s from archwiki didnt helped much, arch was still alarming that /lib still exists (i guess i got some glibc dependent packages) . 

pacman -Syu —ignore glibc

pacman -Su

was just not working for me. With removed /lib pacman wasn’t working, with /lib left pacman reported /lib’s existence as problem.
So i did a little trick, with lib in its place i started the above commands.
When pacman asks to upgrade glibc (when you need to press Y or N ) rename/delete/relocate /lib (as root ofc) and then press Y for pacman to upgrade glibc.
Everything from then went smooth and all dependent packages upgraded without problems !!! :)


Peekaboo Cub” by Steve Hinch

XFCE 4.8 + dockbarx + Faenza icons + Synapse + Docky + conky (rings) grey = my perfect desktop!

Slitaz cooking smells good!

I’ve always been fan of the tiny & micro software that is optimized to work on ancient machines but also practical to work on every other (including modern , new) pcs. I must admit i follow the Slitaz since its first cooking version because it is all about my first sentence - tiny,practical, useful, etc. As a relatively new distro it had some things that didn’t work quite well throughout the years of its existence but i cannot complain… its 30MB in size! (only tinycore linux is smaller circa 10MB & it looks terrible )  I am talking here fully functional OS with driver support, browser, office tools, file manager … all the basic tools needed for the user to start building its own flavor of the distro (because linux is freedom so you can configure and set it up for your needs)

The thing i was most impressed with this cooking version of Slitaz was the newly introduced Tazpanel - it is a web based system configuration panel with all the settings you need like managing network, packages, kernel modules, startup scripts, user management, remastering tool… you name it , it got it! It is one thing that was missing in the linux world: a easy to use all-in-one OS configuring tools and its web based! so it fits in the Slitaz frame size of 30 Megabytes.

Can’t wait for the official release!

Linux virtual machine in javascript

Linux is now ported to a virtual javascript machine thanx to the creator of Qemu!

Thermochromic Urinal

Xubuntu 11.04: Solid, Sleek, and Speedy |


A positive review of Xubuntu 11.04. Unity seems to be driving lots of reviewers to other desktop managers, which is kind of cool.

Via My Linux Rig

The main reason I know computers today!

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